Major Acquisitions and Foreign Investment Transactions

- Coca-Cola's acquisition of Coca-Cola related assets from four listed Korean
- BASF AG's acquisition of lysine business from Daesang Group
- Financing provided by International Finance Corporation to Hana Bank and Korea
  Long Term Credit Bank (which was merged into Kookmin Bank later)
- Financing provided by International Finance Corporation, AIG Asian Infrastructure
  Fund and Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden
  N.V. to Shinmoorim Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition of significant equity interest in KT Freetel Co., Ltd. by Capital
  Communications CDPQ Inc.
- Acquisition of controlling ownership interest in Aluminum of Korea Ltd. by Alcoa
- Acquisition of controlling ownership interest in Diamond Ad Ltd. by Cordiant
  Communications Group plc
- Equity placements to foreign investor by Korea Information and Communications
  Co., Ltd.
- Establishment of joint venture for electronic cash business between MasterCard
  International Korea and several foreign and domestic investors.
- Establishment of joint venture for defense industry business between Thomson -
  CSF SA and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
- Establishment of multimedia holding company by Tong Yang Confectionery
  Co., Ltd. and related equity placements
- Acquisition of controlling equity interest in Hansol Co., Ltd. by Korea
  Telecom Corp (KT).
- Acquisition of significant equity interest in Korea Thrunet Co., Ltd. by AIG Group
- Spin-off of telecommunications line leasing business of Korea Telecom
  Co., Ltd. and subsequent sale of it to Hansol iGlobe Co., Ltd.
- Investments made by Prudential and International Finance Corporation in CJ
  Investment Trust & Securities Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition of Hynix Semiconductor's active matrix liquid crystal display business
  by a consortium of investors led by Cando Corporation
- Acquisition of ethylbenzene and styrene monomer manufacturing plant by BASF
  Company Ltd. from SK Evertec Co., Ltd.
- Dacom Corporation's bid for controlling equity interest in Powercomm Corporation
- Sale of Thrunet's dedicated telecommunications line leasing business to SK
  Global Co., Ltd.
- Gambro AB's acquisition of hemodialysis manufacturing plant from company
  controlled by Green Cross Corporation and establishment of related joint venture
- Establishment of Korean joint venture between Samsung General Chemicals Co.,
  Ltd. and Total Holdings U.K. Limited
- Representation of a group of foreign banks in the SK Networks restructuring
- Temasek Holdings¡¯ bid for controlling equity interest in KorAm Bank
- Acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. by Tata Motors Limited
- Acquisition of Orion Electric Co., Ltd. by MatlinPatterson Funds
- Acquisition of Sejong Securities Co., Ltd. by National Agricultural Cooperative
- NACF¡¯s bid for acquisition of LG Card Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition of CJ Investment and Securities Co., Ltd. by Hyundai Heavy
  Industries Group

Major Finance Transactions

Infrastructure Projects
Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) and Build-Transfer-Lease (BTL) Projects

- Incheon International Airport Expressway Project (BTO)
- Yongduk-Yangjae Expressway Facility Project (BTO)
- Seosoowon-Osan-Pyungtaek Expressway Facility Project (BTO)
- Seoul Beltway Private Investment Project (BTO)
- Yong-in Sewage Treatment Plant Project (BTO)
- Kangnam Urban Ring Expressway Project (BTO)
- Keoje-Busan Fixed Link Project (BTO)
- Machang Bridge Project (BTO)
- Cheonan-Nonsan Expressway Project (BTO)
- Busan Kimhae Light Rail Transit System Project (BTO)
- Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway Project (BTO)
- Subway Line No. 9 Project (BTO)
- Busan New Container Port Project (BTO)
- Cheongju Water Treatment Facility Project (BTL)
- Kimhae Water Treatment Facility Project (BTL)
- Daejeon Seteo and 4 Other Elementary Schools Project (BTL)
- Chungbuk University Dormitory Project (BTL)
- Navy Jinhae Base Residence Project (BTL)
- Jeonra Line Railway Project (BTL)

Real Estate Development Projects

- Incheon Chungna Area Foreign Investment Attraction Project (Theme Park-type   Golf Course Project)
- Busan Centum City 23 BL High-rise Complex Development
- Kyunghee Dongseo Hospital Construction and Operation
- New Zealand Lake View Golf Resort Development
- Goyangsi Ilsan KINTEX Commercial Facility
- Jongro-gu Insa-dong 87 Office Building Construction and Sale
- Seoul Euijungbu Shindo Branew Apartment
- Busan Haewoondae-gu New Town Commercial Complex

Ship Finance

- Financing for Shipbuilding of Eukor Car Carriers ($16,131,526.54)
- Financing for Shipbuilding of 4 New Vessels for Keo Yang Shipping Co. Ltd.   ($25,500,000)
- Financing for Shipbuilding of Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. ($295,800,000)
- Financing for Shipbuilding of Dongbuk-A #2 for Hyundai Merchant Marine   ($42,000,000) and Establishment of Shipping Funds.
- Financing for Shipbuilding of Dongbuk-A #3, 4, 5 for Hyundai Merchant Marine   ($175,287,000) and Establishment of Shipping Funds.
- Financing for Shipbuilding of Dongbuk-A 21 for Polaris Shipping
- Financing for Shipbuilding of Dong-A Taker ($27,000,000) through GE Capital

Offshore Issuance of Securities

- Hanjin Shipping¡¯s Offshore Issuance of ABCP
- Hyundai Motors¡¯ Offshore Issuance of Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) and Global   Depository Receipts (GDRs)
- Woori Financial Holding Company¡¯s Issuance of FRNs
- INICIS Co. Ltd.¡¯s Offshore Issuance of Bonds with Warrant (BWs)
- Woori Investment & Securities Asia Pte. Ltd.¡¯s Offshore Issuance of
  Exchangeable Bonds(EBs) for the Stock of KCC Co. Ltd.
- Offshore SPV¡¯s Offshore Issuance of EBs for the Stock of Schramm Holding AG
  (a German corporation)
- Daishin Securities¡¯ Offshore Issuance of GDR
- Daewoo Motor Sales Co., Ltd.¡¯s Offshore Issuance of FRNs
- LG Card Co., Ltd¡¯s Offshore Issuance of FRNs
- Ssang Yong Cement Co., Ltd.¡¯ s Offshore Issuance of FRN
- Numerous Other Offshore Issuances of FRNs, CBs, BWs and EBs of Listed   Companies such as STX Engine Co. Ltd., HanSoft Inc., Wooyoung Co.,
  Ltd.,Green   Cross Holdings Corp., DPI Co., Ltd., and Dong-A Pharmaceutical

Acquisition Finance

- Acquisition Financing for Jinro Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition Financing for New Core Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition Financing for HAITAI Stores Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition Financing for Carrefour Korea Co., Ltd.
- Acquisition Financing for Hanil Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd.

Major Dispute Resolution Cases

- Coca-Cola¡¯s trademark dispute against Lotte Chilsung regarding the "Sprite"   trademark
- Industrial diamond trade secret dispute between Iljin Diamond and GE
- Computer Associates, Inc.¡¯s dispute against the Korean Customs Service related
  to imposition of customs tax on imported software
- Dispute between Hyundai Space & Aircraft Co., Ltd. and Boeing Company
  regarding the production and delivery of aircraft wings
- Defense of First Bank Korea (now known as Standard Chartered Bank Korea)
  in a derivatives suit brought by minority shareholders
- Coca-Cola¡¯s suit to dismiss an unfair trade practice correction order issued by the   Korean Fair Trade Commission
- Bank of Credit and Commerce International¡¯s (BCCI) dispute regarding the
  maritime rescue of the AI Mujeeb vessel
- Dispute regarding Gateway Fund, a fund established by Peregrine Securities
- Dispute between Korad and Ogilvy & Mather related to an M&A transaction
- Dispute between a bus terminal operator and a major express bus transportation   company
- Fair trade law dispute regarding the merger of SK Telecom Co., Ltd. and Shinsegi   Telecom, Inc.
- Dispute regarding a construction bid, among Korea National Oil Corporation,
  Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., LG Engineering & Construction
  Corp., Daewoo and Samsung C&T Corporation
- Dispute between Serome and WIZnet Inc. regarding Internet phone service   technology
- Entertainment cases, including comedian Young-Ja Lee¡¯s defamation case;
  singer Suh Taeji¡¯s publicity rights dispute; and music group 1TYM¡¯s photo
  book dispute
- Third party lawsuit objecting to the provisional attachment of the right to receive   construction payments in a major government construction project
- Coca-Cola¡¯s dispute against Bumyang Food and Beverage Company involving
  the supply of cola concentrates
- Suit for compensatory damages relating to the Suhae (West Sea) Ferry accident
- Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company¡¯s suit to recover certain molds from a Korean   licensee following the termination of a license agreement
- Suit for compensatory damages in connection with the importation of industrial   alcohol for use in the production of soju
- Ford Motor Company¡¯s dispute involving a claim for the return of a contract
- Trademark dispute involving the ELLE trademark
- National Agricultural Cooperative Federation¡¯s objection to the avoidance of its   security interests in the bankruptcy of Dongsuh Securities Co., Ltd.
- Deutschbank¡¯s suit to cancel the Korean Intellectual Property Office¡¯s refusal to
  grant a trademark registration
- Case involving a corrective order issued by the Korean Fair Trade Commission   against three major beer-brewing companies in response to their alleged collusion